ANPU PARAVAI The extraordinary journey of the Love Caravan in India

Captain Cousteau left with the boat “Calypso” to explore the oceans and show their beauty. The Love Caravan  travels with buses to explore the human depths and to honor through documentary films women and men committed in actions to make our world a better place, with more peace, solidarity and environmental awareness.

For six weeks seventy lovers of mankind crossed South India to give a series of concerts with pianist Marc Vella. This 6,000 km journey led the Love Caravan in alternative places, some of them answering to difficult situations : ecological centers, Krishnamurti schools, poor neighborhoods, street children shelters.....

 Beautiful meetings were held. They revealed the beauty of the Indian people, their pervasive spirituality, great vitality, its contradictions and weaknesses, its humanity.

The adventure of the Love Caravan was also the human adventure of people travelling a harrowing journey where heat, overcrowding, culture shock demanded everyone to give the best of himself to ensure the success of the enterprise.

This colorful film, rich in emotions and thoughts is primarily the achievement of an extraordinary humanistic project, carrying sense and hope for all.

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